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Re: RoboCop: TV show + Prime Directives... Anyone seen it?

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Not to mention the whole thing looks incredibly cheap and is filled with bargain basement actors.
I agree with most criticisms of Prime Directives, but I don't know about this one. It seemed to draw on the same pool of Canadian TV actors that most Toronto or Vancouver productions do, with several actors in common with TekWar (Maurice Dean Wint, Maria Del Mar, Eugene Clark) and future 24 cast member Leslie Hope, among others (including Anthony Lemke, who's done a ton of Canadian TV, including a recent recurring stint on Lost Girl).

I only ever saw the first part (there's four, I believe) but it was so bad I never even bothered seeking out the other three.
I think I made it partway through the second installment before giving up.

Robocop 3, which everyone likes to say is the worst of the series, looks like high art next to Prime Directives.
I think RoboCop 2 is far worse than 3. The third film has its cheesy aspects, but it doesn't have the gratuitous, over-the-top ultraviolence of the second, and it doesn't marginalize RoboCop as a character quite as much.
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