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Re: I don't think Voyager gets the right credit

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I just got finished watching all 7 seasons of Voyager. Now I am a BIG original fan and that can never be replaced. But when I watched Voyager to me it was the apex of what the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine was building up to. Janeway is not my favorite Captain, but I have no reason to talk bad about her.

The story lines and crew developed into so much a stronger to the "star trek" theme. I don't think they get the credit they deserve.

What do you think?
I didn't really get the sense that TNG and DSN were building up to an apex of any kind. Nor in my opinion was VOY the apex of ST as a whole, if anything DSN was apex of Star Trek.

So out of curisoity what apex are you referring to?

But one of the critisims levelled at both VOY and ENT is that they failed to live up their premise. S4 of ENT is generally regarded as one if it's best season, it was also the closest in terms of narrative to it's premise or it's percieved premise the creation of the Federation.

VOY's premises as sold was a ship on it's in own with limited resources, what some felt they got was TNG-lite (aka TNG 2.0). Any limitations the writers put on themsevles were more often or not queitly dropped and forgotten about. To me that shows a lack of respect for your audiance, now of course VOY isn't the only show guilty of that.

Now of course we all have our likes and dislikes, and the order in which we watched then ST shows can affected how we percieve them. For example if VOY is someones introduction to trek they might find it new, but for some of the older fans they might find it dull and repetative (i.e you've used that plot before several times in TOS and TNG, and done it better).

Each of the ST shows has its good points and it's bad points.
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