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Re: RoboCop: TV show + Prime Directives... Anyone seen it?

Incidentally, there are two RoboCop animated series. Marvel did RoboCop: The Animated Series in 1988, which was a halfway decent continuation of the movie universe, surprisingly dark and violent for a Saturday morning kids' show, albeit still sufficiently censored that they used laser guns and nobody died (in fact, they even retconned the movie so that Boddicker and his gang were still alive). It was set in a version of the world where robots were increasingly common and there was a lot of prejudice and hostility toward them. I don't remember it well, but I think it was more or less okay, and unlike the live-action series it had permission to use the movie's supporting characters, even heavily featuring minor players like SWAT Lt. Hedgecock and Dr. McNamara.

The second animated series was RoboCop: Alpha Commando from a decade later, and it was highly dumbed down and toyeticized, with Robo reawakened in a cyberpunk future and becoming the hip, wisecracking leader of a crimefighting team (whose members were named Neumeier and Miner after the creators of the franchise), as well as being equipped with a jet pack and other toy-worthy gadgets. Paradoxically, it featured an elderly version of Sgt. Reed (Robert DoQui's character) from the movies, but he was voiced by Blu Mankuma, who had played Sgt. Parks in RoboCop: The Series. It was a silly show and had very little to do with RoboCop.

Unfortunately, of the two animated series, only Alpha Commando is available on DVD or online in the US, though there was a UK DVD release of R:TAS.
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