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Re: RoboCop: TV show + Prime Directives... Anyone seen it?

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Uhhh how can it be this bad?
According to Sturgeon's Law, 90% of everything is garbage. Consider that there are three RoboCop feature films (to date) and only one of them is good.

Look at it this way: Say you have a bunch of pieces to put together into a puzzle, or to assemble into a working engine, or whatever. There's only one right way to put them together, and an unlimited number of wrong ways. So it's easier to get something wrong than to get it right. Making a good movie or TV show requires putting a lot of pieces together in the right way, but there are a lot more wrong ways to combine them than right ways. So on the whole, the odds are against any given show or movie being good.

More specifically, RoboCop isn't an easy character to get right, and it's easy to miss the point of him. RoboCop 2 missed the point by assuming the violence was the point rather than just a means to a satirical end. Prime Directives missed the point by treating Robo as just a generic wisecracking tough cop, and by ignoring the satirical/comedy elements altogether and being excessively dark and grim.
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