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Re: So what's with all the Archer hate?

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I do not hate Captain Archer, or ENTERPRISE. I don't even hate its hateful theme song. I do hate Archer's long-winded, poorly-delivered speeches. What's worse, it's so obvious, by the sweeping camera movements and coverage that they are meant to be so awe-inspiring and impactfull. What they come off as is coming from a half-assed motivational speaker. Even the cast is evidently bored with them ... but hey, speeches don't require special effects and they do eat up time! Good for the show ... bad for us.
I would agree, with this exception.
I'm not trying to be contrary here, believe me ...
But this speech is, again, just way too long, for one thing.
And if memory serves, Archer wasn't given the mic, really,
he just started yackin' away, at the first whiff of an opportunity. At least he stays on topic, this time.

T.V. series Kirk was OK at impromptu speeches. Like when he and Doctor Pulaski were going to let alien minds control them, for the sake of science - and to kiss up, a storm! Even that was a bit long, but Shatner's hammy delivery at least livens up the proceedings, a bit. Archer's speech, on the other hand, smacks of pompous pretension.

Even Soval's applause at the end seems forced, like he's trying to save face for Archer, in front of all these dignitaries ...
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