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Re: 3D Software?

Equinox said:
I use Strata 3D (

But overall, Strata is a great, easy to learn program. I've tried Lightwave, Maya, Carrara...nothing is easier to learn than this.
I'll second the easy learning curve with Strata products... I'm using Strata Vision 3D (a 1995 version, mid-range) and I've been able to pick it up very quickly in a couple months. I grabbed a copy of Strata Studio Pro (from around the same period) on ebay for $25 (to see how it is different and to get the printed documentation... I think it also has motion blur for animation as I recall). I've been toying with getting a newer version, but I'll most likely give Blender a try first.
Warped9 said:
I don't know if there are any Mac users here. But if so is anyone familiar with Cinama 4D and/or Pixels3D programs? I, too, am looking into trying my hand at 3d modeling.
I have a copy on the same PowerBook 3400c I've been using for Vision 3D... I flipped a coin to decide on which I was going to try first (and Vision 3D won out).
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