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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Have you ever read this book?
No. I'd have at least vaguely remembered the incident involving Harlan Ellison, if I had.

I don't see why it's difficult to understand why someone (me, among many other hypothetical movie audience members) would be angry at being thought stupid, since that's what the studio individual did when he (assuming it was a "he") said the viewers would never know the difference.
With over six billion people in the world, me, I make it a point not to get upset over the existence of people here and there who might think negative things about me.

The reason I said the person had "input" is because this incident was mentioned in the first place. If the person didn't have the right and authority to make suggestions, recommendations, or order the movie to include certain themes, it likely wouldn't have been deemed important enough for Susan Sackett to mention it in this book.
My point is that, while this unnamed person had input, it was input on a project that never got made. And, based on the information presented, it's hard to see how whatever influence he or she had circa 1975 carried over into Phase II once the '75 film project was abandoned, or into the film we got once Phase II was abandoned. It would help to know who we are talking about, and what role he or she played in both Phase II and the actual TMP. Not to mention, it would help to know what actually transpired between this person and Harlan Ellison.
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