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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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What you've related here sounds like something where the industry corrected itself, so I don't see how there's any ax to grind in this case, regarding producers who think that the general public is too dumb to care. Not only is whoever it was with an itch to portray the paranormal not named, nothing ever came of his or her recommendation anyway, at least in Star Trek movies.
Would you please take note of my repeated statements that I'm angry that there were producers/studio idiots with some kind of input who thought the viewers were too dumb to KNOW THE DIFFERENCE? I've also said that this isn't the only time I read about this notion of inserting ancient mysticism into the movie script. When/if I find the other text I read, I will reference it here.

"Not caring" is not the same as "not knowing." The first is apathy; the second implies stupidity.

I am angry that whoever wanted this crap in the script thought the viewers were STUPID, not apathetic
It would be helpful if you could find a reference to this "producer/studio idiot" calling viewers dumb. As it is, it sounds like someone might have been a Von Däniken fan and wanted to shoehorn that into the film.
Timewalker, it would indeed be helpful if you could find such a reference, because the account that you quoted from Roddenberry & Sackett doesn't mention anything about the person in question saying that the viewers were too dumb to know the difference. All one can suppose is that the person in question thought it would make the film more appealing.

Additionally, as I said, the industry corrected itself, since nothing ever came of the idea, at least in the Star Trek movies, although we'll never know whether including the recommendations would have hurt or helped a film that never got made. Moreover, the alleged incident took place circa 1975, in TMP's life as a prospective film before work on Phase II even began. Since that's twice removed from the TMP we got, I have a hard time seeing how this supports the idea that this unnamed person had "some kind of input". If we knew who the person was, and if he or she was still around for actual work on TMP, then one might be able to say that he or she tangibly had input.

So, why is knowing that there is one anonymous "bad man" in Hollywood who didn't get his way with a Star Trek film that never got made something to be angry about?
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