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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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That's how they did their other original shows? Just posted the whole season at once, like they do when they add an old series' season set to their streaming service?

That would mean we could watch the episodes whenever we wanted and not have to wait a week for the next episode. Plus I assume there are no commercials -- and being free of the tyranny of commercial-funded broadcasting is bound to be cretaively liberating. And lots of TVs these days actually get Netflix and let you watch on TV rather than on a computer monitor. So that seems like a pretty good approach. And it, or something like it, is probably the wave of the future.
It has it's benefits and downsides. It certainly lets shows be more creative in HOW they can tell stories. I was really impressed with the Netflix season of Arrested Development. I don't think it always worked on a comedy level, but the style of story telling, where the order you watched the episodes in didn't really matter even though there was one overall story being told was ambitious as hell, and couldn't have been done on broadcast tv or cable. I give them all the credit in the world just for trying. There will be a ton of possibilities in the way Marvel will be able to structure these series and how the series interact with each other.

The big downside for me is that releasing all the episodes at once kind of kills the watercooler effect for the show. With everyone watching at their own pace it stifles the type of community discussion that I really enjoy. Rather than 3 months worth of buzz and discussion, shows tend the flame out quickly, with the really passionate consuming the entire series in right away and talking about it for that week or two following, and the rest catching up at a slower pace, but without any common point of reference to have any large group discussions. The type of thread we have going on here with SHIELD just wouldn't be possible with what Netflix is doing.
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