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Re: So what's with all the Archer hate?

My best friend told me, he didn't like this series at all when he watched the first german synchronized episodes and he stopped watching at all.
Mabye it had a little bit to do with my overall very-pleased conception of Star Trek in that time (i started very late, late in my 20s about in 2005).
Don't like ToS though - for me, it was just out-dated, don't care about the "roots" of Star Trek.
TNG was astonishing, though sometimes still pretty cheesy.
ST: Enterprise i watched only the first few episodes in english first - i wasn't captured but i wasn't appauled either.
Then i took my heart and kept watching more episodes.
It pretty soon turned out to be quiet fun and a goddamn decent series for the Star Trek universe.
What alot of ppl don't understand is really what an accomplishment it was to make this series, setting far before the previous series' at the very start of the foundation of the foderation of planets.
Apart from Blalock being extreme eye-candy and a very good actress, this series really took off at alot of episodes.
Archer, imo, is one of the same reasons. I am very fond of Bakula's acting i didn't know him before ST.
He brings dignity, great dignity with him, not like Patrick Steward, but, imo, that really cannot be achieved by anyone at all.
But he carried the spirit bravely about a man that is open to the universe but still doing what he must and doing what he mustn't when it comes to his crew.
Thats all i have to say - i love this series and not just since Season 4

yours, Martin Lutz, germany
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