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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Figured I'd chime in with some thoughts of my own since I'm not that far behind the OP in my own Voyager (re)watch. I'm not going to cover every episode he/she has, but will offer some thoughts on a few of them:
Fair Trade
One of my favorite episodes of the season to date, and a really good character episode for Neelix.

Blood Fever
Another standout episode that really gives us some great character development for both Tom and B'Elanna, and serves to foreshadow their eventual relationship.

An extremely pivotal episode for Voyager as a whole as well as for the season, and a great way to bring the Borg into the series. I really wish we would've seen Riley Frazier and her Cooperative again, but it would've required them to have left their planet since Voyager was 'on the move', as it were.

I really don't understand the hatred for this episode; I liked the way it explored Neelix and Tuvok's relationship and gave us more backstory on Neelix, and I also really liked the concept, which didn't remind me of anything I'd seen before.

Another ep that seems to be hated by many, but one that I, as a major fan of the Jekyll and Hyde story (particularly the Frank Wildhorn/Leslie Bricuse musical adaptation thereof), rather enjoyed.
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