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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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Do you think you're supporting the drug trade or prostitution if you watch shows about those subjects? Or that the shows are some kind of gateway to becoming addicted to drugs/sex?
I just don't like seeing depictions of drug use/people on drugs on TV. Now, I'm talking about real stuff. Technically the Jem'Hadar on DS9 were on drugs. Its the depiction of real world drugs that I can't stand, at least as the focus of a show/movie.

As for sex, I don't want it on my TV. No sex or nudity. If its on something I really want to see, I'll scene skip (like the stupid pointless nudity in Stargate SG-1's pilot). I'm as attracted to naked women as the next straight guy, but I am just not comfortable with nudity/sex on tv shows or in movies or really in any media. Even strictly PG sex/sexual scenes I'm uncomfortable with, although those don't usually get a scene skip unless its really annoying me for other reasons.

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I didn't really mean to say it was stupid. For what it is it could be good, I really don't know.

I won't watch a show about drugs.
Then MAYBE you should say THAT. Instead of what you did: I don't like shows that are critically acclaimed.

If you say what you actually mean, then you won't have to walk back what you say later.

This is OT, but Breaking Bad isn't really a "drug show" whatever that means. It's about a lot more than that. The selling of drugs is the basic premise. But, to each his own. I think you're missing out on great acting, great writing, and great story telling.
I'll completely admit that I shouldn't have used it as an example. It just popped into my head, so I wrote it down. I probably should have mentioned something else (all of the bad critically acclaimed shows I think of seem to be on AMC, which is kind of weird ). Off the top of my head, honestly a lot of the critically acclaimed shows are things I just find really boring (like Mad Men, I don't hate the idea, more like extreme indifference) or just can't watch because of the theme (like Breaking Bad).

I guess for shows I just don't like that I've seen and think count as critically acclaimed, it probably would have been better to mention shows like: The Walking Dead, Arrested Development (I don't hate it so much as don't find it funny or entertaining at all), Lost (ok first season, but after that it sucked), 30 Rock (this is in the same category as AD), and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Those probably fit what I was talking about much better than BB.

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...I just hope this experiment fails quickly, so they can get back to more traditional stuff. I'd honestly rather have failure than good shows anyway, because I sure as hell don't want this to become popular, screwing over people by putting shows on netflix....
Such an odd attitude. "Traditional stuff" is on the decline. On-demand viewing of entertainment is the future. Netflix is not going away, and even if these shows "fail", the economic model of traditional television broadcasting is dying and won't be revived.

TV isn't going anywhere until the internet becomes completely free and covers the major countries of the world 100%. Until then, millions (probably tens of millions just in the us alone) of people that don't have/can't get/can't afford internet, and millions who have internet still watch tv and probably will continue to do so for a long, long, long time.
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