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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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What are everyone's thoughts on the obelisk carrier?

Being "free" I thought it was going to be poor, but I'm actually really enjoying it.

I am still new to the game so I don't fully understand everything, but this ship is way more powerful than my sovereign was, and missions that I was struggling on are just easy now (maybe too easy tbh)
Actually, the Obelisk is considered a poor ship amongst the top-end players.

But for many f2p players, it is probably their first carrier. For the first time, all they have to do is drop fighters into the hanger box and they get an instant and large boost in damage capability. There's nothing to configure, no power levels to adjust, no boff ability to trigger.

This is unlike most ships where you have to carefully configure and build your ship, equip it with lots of top end gear before you see a dramatic double or triple increase their basic damage capability. It is especially difficult to build a high damage cruiser or science vessel.

And most players don't know how to do this. Even for myself, while I've figured out a few tricks but I still cannot claim to be good at configuring ships.
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