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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book Two: Spirits

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Good episode (judged by a non expert )

What i was wondering (and maybe i've missed it) was why Korra couldn't bend yet Unalaq could?

He mentioned she should have entered via a portal so she could bend but Wan bended left and right when he fought Vatu in the two parter.

Can anyone explain this please?

However i really dug the spirits.. reminded me much of Miyazaki movies which i love to death.
Korra didn't physically enter the spirit world, she got there through astral projection or some-such. That's why her body stayed with Tenzin at the Air Temple. This was touched on in the old series as Aang couldn't air bend when he went to see Koh the face stealer.

Unalaq walked through the portal, so he's actually physically there, in body *and* spirit, hence he can still bend.

I think there's also a danger with being separated from one's body for too long, or becoming lost an unable to find the way back. One assumes that if someone dies in the spirit world, the body dies too. Not sure if that's one of the things that interrupts the Avatar cycle or not, but I want to say maybe-probably.
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