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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book Two: Spirits

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Good episode (judged by a non expert )

What i was wondering (and maybe i've missed it) was why Korra couldn't bend yet Unalaq could?

He mentioned she should have entered via a portal so she could bend but Wan bended left and right when he fought Vatu in the two parter.

Can anyone explain this please?

However i really dug the spirits.. reminded me much of Miyazaki movies which i love to death.
Unalaq (and Wan in Beginnings) entered the Spirit World physically, as such they could bend. Throughout ATLA and this episode, Aang/Korra, and Jenora have only been in the Spirit World, literally, in spirit. Only their essence and consciousness was present (their spirits).

Physically entering the Spirit World changes nothing for humans, as seen by the ability to bend and how Professor Zei starved to death in the Library. Compare this to Iroh and the past Avatars, only their spirits are present in the Spirit World. Their physical bodies left behind on Earth long ago.
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