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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Who was this person, and what were his ideas?
I don't recall exactly where I read this. It could have been in a magazine article, or maybe Chekov's Enterprise, or some other "making of" book. Once I finish unpacking the rest of my ST books, I can check.

The ideas were to put some kind of Mayan/Incan mystical mumbo-jumbo in the movie, and when told that wasn't a good idea, the person shrugged and said (referring to the intended movie audience), "They'll never know the difference."

I really dislike it when TPTB in charge of making a movie or the authors of a book assume their viewers/readers are stupid.
What you've related here sounds like something where the industry corrected itself, so I don't see how there's any ax to grind in this case, regarding producers who think that the general public is too dumb to care. Not only is whoever it was with an itch to portray the paranormal not named, nothing ever came of his or her recommendation anyway, at least in Star Trek movies.
Would you please take note of my repeated statements that I'm angry that there were producers/studio idiots with some kind of input who thought the viewers were too dumb to KNOW THE DIFFERENCE? I've also said that this isn't the only time I read about this notion of inserting ancient mysticism into the movie script. When/if I find the other text I read, I will reference it here.

"Not caring" is not the same as "not knowing." The first is apathy; the second implies stupidity.

I am angry that whoever wanted this crap in the script thought the viewers were STUPID, not apathetic.

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Everybody died by the end of Hamlet. Unless you do a Shakespearean version of CSI, there's nothing more to be said.
Clearly, you haven't seen Rosencrantz and Guilderstern are Undead . . . .
The Blackadder made it work, every season finale TPTB killed off all the main characters, then brought them back at the beginning of the next season (ever so slightly changed).
Yes, I've seen Blackadder. The thing is, that was a consistent in-universe thing they did. It's not like there were years, or decades going by between the series and completely different production and writing personnel making those decisions. I just thought of it as a form of reincarnation, coupled with the typically weird (but lovable) British humor.
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