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Re: Lost Girl season 4

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It starts tomorrow night on Showcase in Canada.
All syfy will say is that season 4 will come to its network in 2014.
Grr. That's frustrating after last season when we were getting episodes literally the day after their Canadian debut.
I know... I only had to "resist" the temptation to read the Canadian posters comments 1 day last season, now I have to be good for at least 2 months.

IF I want to be good.

Here's another interview, this time with 3 actresses and the show's producer.

Hmmm. This last interview seems to suggest that the different starting times for the season could be a "rights issue, but I'm not sure if he meant right in US and Canada or the rights in Canada vs UK. (The above interview was in the UK,)

Here's another season 4 promo.

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