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Re: TOS' incorrect world war I/II dead

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Is there any evidence that what we saw in Farpoint was the Eastern Coalition? The only description of it I recall is that it's a courtroom from the Post Atomic Horror. For all we know the United States broke apart some time after the Bell Riots and the Eastern Coalition was one of the successor states which allied itself against the the Empire of Montana when WWIII broke out.
Remember TNG's "The Royale"? It contained a US flag with 52 stars, which placed it anywhere from 2033 to 2079. 2079 was over 20 years AFTER the end of the war. Therefore, the US survived the war intact.

"Eastern" could indeed have meant something like Eastern Europe (although the Farpoint scenes definitely had a lot of Chinese influence), but it's not the eastern *US* - we know that much.

Although I admit the ECON could have been a rogue element operating *within* the US, kind of like those militia wackos. Especially since the logo on the soldiers' helmets (the guys who sniff drugs to keep them under control) is supposed to be Colonel Green's emblem...and Green is apparently American. (Also, in the barely-readable onscreen text from the Defiant logs in IAMD, Green is indeed a militia leader, kind of like the ultimate ultra-radical eco-terrorist.)

Assuming that ECON=China just smacks of Yellow Peril.
Don't look at me, I'm not the one who wrote the damn thing. As I said, it's on the audio commentary. And nobody 'assumed' anything; there were just some last-minute rewrites done, that's all.
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