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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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Wasn't there some big news about Disney signing a contract with Netflix not that long ago? It was big news because it was happening at a time that others were pulling their programming.
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Disney signed an exclusivity contract with Netflix for the television-window release of their films. I forget when that is supposed to start (or did already?)
The deal Disney signed with Netflix, gives Netflix the ''pay tv'' window for current theatrical films from all of Disney's production enties, starting in 2016, plus access to library titles (older films) which began at the end of December. Starz currently holds the license to current Disney movies until then. They lost the library titles back in December.

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Do they have a controlling interest in Hulu or are they more hedging their bets?
Hulu is owned by (News Corp)Fox, Comcast/NBC, and Disney (plus another non media company). It's run as an independent company, that receives financial backing from the partners.
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