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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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I think it's really a brilliant move - since a) as long as you can get Netflix you can watch the shows whenever - which means that you don't need to worry about waiting for Hulu or - plus if they do it like they did their other Netflix shows, we're looking at like a season of TV coming at us all at once.
That's how they did their other original shows? Just posted the whole season at once, like they do when they add an old series' season set to their streaming service?

That would mean we could watch the episodes whenever we wanted and not have to wait a week for the next episode. Plus I assume there are no commercials -- and being free of the tyranny of commercial-funded broadcasting is bound to be cretaively liberating. And lots of TVs these days actually get Netflix and let you watch on TV rather than on a computer monitor. So that seems like a pretty good approach. And it, or something like it, is probably the wave of the future.

c) Its not dependent on ratings. You won't get a half season of say Jessica Jones just because the ratings weren't where the network wanted it because Dancing With the Stars or Football or something political interrupted its airings and they just look at the ratings being 'dismal'.
True. And conversely it's good for Netflix too, since securing a property this big is bound to draw in a lot more viewers/subscribers and improve the odds of the project's success.

Although Netflix seems to have a surprising amount of original programming already. It's close to being competitive with the networks for the amount of original content it provides.
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