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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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I didn't really mean to say it was stupid. For what it is it could be good, I really don't know. I won't watch a show about drugs. Just like I wouldn't watch a show with a focus on sex (I'm talking TV shows like Lost Girl when I say that just to be clear, shows with sex as a theme but are still around on normal tv). I can handle some shows if they happen to bring those topics up, but not shows based around stuff like that.

I was using Breaking Bad more as an example of a popular show that I have no desire to see. I can not like shows but admit they may not be objectively bad, and Breaking Bad could be one of those. Its different than The artist, because I just didn't want to watch a silent movie. Breaking Bad's whole premise is something I find unwatchable. I have thought about watching it a few times (the library has all of the released seasons, so it wouldn't cost anything) but I just can't watch a drug show. It just has a topic I hate and won't watch shows about, I wasn't really trying to beat up the show. That said, I do stand by my Walking Dead comments.
Do you think you're supporting the drug trade or prostitution if you watch shows about those subjects? Or that the shows are some kind of gateway to becoming addicted to drugs/sex?
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