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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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Since I'm generally unimpressed by what is "acclaimed" nowadays, that doesn't really mean anything. We live in a world were a billion CSI/NCIS/etc shows are some of the highest rated shows. Other "highly acclaimed" shows include a show about Hal from Malcolm in the Middle being a meth dealer, and a show with so much stupid human drama you almost forget it has zombies in it. Its all a matter of personal preference, but I can't think of many "critically acclaimed" shows that were particularly good off the top of my head.
You seem to be conflating "widely watched" and "acclaimed". NCIS, CSI, and The Walking Dead are not critical favourites. They're popular. Breaking Bad (have you actually watched that?), Orange is the New Black, and House of Cards are critically acclaimed.
House of Cards is a political drama (oh, boy, that sounds exciting ) and I can't even figure out what the second show is about (a prison show, maybe? Wikipedia isn't very clear, except that it sounds fairly stupid). I'm sure people like them, but they're not giving me any faith in netflix shows. Now I'm just hoping Daredevil doesn't become a superhero Law & Order, since it seems like Netflix's biggest shows are things that could easily be on right before CSI on TV and make huge numbers from people who like those kind of shows. They sound like things that would make me rather watch The Walking Soap Opera, and I can't say enough how stupid that show is. Of course, people's taste in tV shows is highly subjective, but using those two shows as examples of netflix programming is not exactly filling me with hope for Marvel's stuff. don't like political dramas, crime thrillers, legal or police procedurals, or soap operas. What do you like, exactly?
I can list a few of the shows I like (this will not be a full list, and will only include live action stuff, including cancelled shows and atleast one show that was gone before I was born): House, Arrow, Pawn Stars (its not a story type show obviously, but I watch so much of it it needs to be on the list), Smallville, Big Bang Theory, MASH, Scrubs, The Drew Carey Show, Frasier, Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Dollhouse, all of the Star Trek shows, Babylon 5/Crusade, and Stargate SG-1,
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Also, having the political drama on DVD doesn't really mean much. Even if netflix allows Marvel to do it, Disney/Marvel were still stupid enough to put shows on netflix, and people like that seem to hate physical media.
What? You've been complaining about how Netflix wouldn't want the shows on DVD. But they are releasing their original programming in that format. So what could possibly be the problem.
I then went on to mention that, even if netflix allows it, whoever was stupid enough in Disney (or whatever branch of the company) who decided to make Netflix shows instead of real shows is probably someone obsessed with internet stuff, and those people tend to hate physical media like DVD's, so I can easily see these shows never coming to DVD.

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Other "highly acclaimed" shows include a show about Hal from Malcolm in the Middle being a meth dealer,
I have to stop and speak to this. You and I have been down this road before. Remember the Artist--you kept saying it was dumb, it was stupid, who would make a silent movie, a lot of us kept saying, see it. Watch it.

And then you finally did. And you liked it? Remember that? Because I do.

So, here you are again, calling something stupid, something not worth your time, something that you have NO IDEA what it's like. Just the fact that you call it a show about "Hal" being a meth dealer speaks volumes of your ignorance.

Maybe you should watch the show. Maybe you should watch the show that really is one of the best shows that has been on TV.

Because, right now, you sound completely uninformed. And it's hard to take any of your positions with a modicum of seriousness because you are so completely uninformed.

Try Breaking Bad. If you don't like it, fine. But, at least you are INFORMED.
I didn't really mean to say it was stupid. For what it is it could be good, I really don't know. I won't watch a show about drugs. Just like I wouldn't watch a show with a focus on sex (I'm talking TV shows like Lost Girl when I say that just to be clear, shows with sex as a theme but are still around on normal tv). I can handle some shows if they happen to bring those topics up, but not shows based around stuff like that.

I was using Breaking Bad more as an example of a popular show that I have no desire to see. I can not like shows but admit they may not be objectively bad, and Breaking Bad could be one of those. Its different than The artist, because I just didn't want to watch a silent movie. Breaking Bad's whole premise is something I find unwatchable. I have thought about watching it a few times (the library has all of the released seasons, so it wouldn't cost anything) but I just can't watch a drug show. It just has a topic I hate and won't watch shows about, I wasn't really trying to beat up the show. That said, I do stand by my Walking Dead comments.
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