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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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The Netflix deal is being sorely mis-branded. Yes, I know it says there in the description it says but why not just say what this is...Heroes for Hire, guest starring Daredevil.
It's not the Defenders, not in the myriad of permutations that team name has been applied do these 4 characters resemble Defenders. They are Heroes for Hire, with DD doing pro bono assistance.
True, they aren't the names that pop in my head when I think "Defenders":

My Defenders
  1. Dr. Strange- Slated for a solo film, IIRC
  2. Sub-Mariner-Ditto
  3. Hulk-Tied to the Avengers feature
  4. Silver Surfer-Part the FF licence
  5. Nighthawk- C lister, but why not?
  6. Valkyrie-Might be a good tie in to the Thor films
I know right?
Look, as many variations of the name that have existed there are a lot characters that were honorary Defenders for an arc or what have you. Which is where DD falls, he's been an honorary Avenger as well. Heck Luke Cage has been more Avenger than anything the last decade but people who know comics(which is participants in this discussion) have to admit that "honorary" aside the Defenders association isn't even the first or second team group you think of.

Heroes for Hire

Those two are.
I will say that The Defenders is a more noble-sounding name than Heroes for Hire. Heroes for Hire, at best, sounds like Jim Rockford asking for his fee up front and, at worst, a strictly mercenary organization that won't save people without money. The Defenders sounds more like they're doing it out of a sense of obligation. The only problem I have with the name is that it sounds too much like the Avengers.
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