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Re: Gravity - Review and Discussion Thread

In the past you motion controlled the models and let the actors be free range as it were. Now it is the other way around. A CGI spaceship needs no armature and has complete freedom of movement.

It is the actors that are motion controlled now. You can do all cgi of a woman inflight from the rear--no uncanny valley that way--the face is kept organic.

But to do that, it makes the actor miserable--they have to be positioned ram-rod tight so everything connects point to point. Clooney's suit was only real when he was a ghost.

We actually saw a little bit of this back in 2000 in the movie Space Cowboys, when Clint's face was popped into a suit he was likely not really wearing, except for some collar bits.

That and CGI helmets won't fog--that might be the only give-away in coming years, that and the sheen on fabrics...

CGI legs, being virtual, don't move the same way real legs do--even if youput CGI bones in them. But the diffeence in motion may allow floating scenes to be more fluid, elegant.

This is space ballet remember--this is Sandra's Swan Lake. In reality, look at how chunkily people move in the vomet comet. No poetry in motion there.
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