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Re: Angst-Ridden Dating Rant #17

I'm lucky I suppose. My lady friend says she loves me--she just can't stand me.

You know how some folks have been married too long, are separated, but meet just every once in awhile to catch up, have a little fun, then go back to their own lives? Our relationship kinda started that way. She's been married twice and got mis-used twice--and I'm not a romantic--but we are comfortable.

There is an old saying about never dating your co-workers...fah! ONLY date your co-workers. When you work hard for years, and are stable and trustworthy--it counts elsewhere.

I don't take myself seriously. She was kinda dating a guy who I thought was odd, but that didn't last because she is very busy--and is a momma's girl. You learn to let things go.

Love hatred--each feels new to the person feeling them..but it has all been done--and it is best to have driving interests that can out-live any relationship..politics work, space advocacy...This may seem cold, and folks can say we ar not what we do--but a sense of mastery also helps in relationships so that one doesn't feel wanting.
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