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Re: Did You Like Seven Of Nine?

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Now I have that damn Jolene song in my head.


My poor misunderstood Chakotay, so easily led astray.

I think prefer the Dolly Parton version... where Janeway is Jolene.

Gotta love those locks of auburn hair!

This country song is one of my fav Janeway - Seven videos.

You feeling weak?

You know... I'm really sorry these two women didn't come away with a better experience of their 4 years playing Janeway and Seven.

I think its a testament to their ability as actresses to have left such a strong positive impression upon their audience regarding the relationship their characters had on the show, be it filial (Good bye Earl) or sexual (Jolene).

Their 4 years on Voyager boils down to one theme.

"Trust me, now."

Gosh, I love Seven!
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