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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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If netflix is helping to finance them, I'm sure it has a big say in whether the show is ever released on DVD, and they would want to go out of their way to not allow that. If they never get a DVD release, I won't be surprised.
I can't imagine a netflix tv show being anything than poorly done garbage.
You're aware that House of Cards and Orange is the New Black were two of the more acclaimed new shows in the recent year?
Since I'm generally unimpressed by what is "acclaimed" nowadays, that doesn't really mean anything. We live in a world were a billion CSI/NCIS/etc shows are some of the highest rated shows. Other "highly acclaimed" shows include a show about Hal from Malcolm in the Middle being a meth dealer, and a show with so much stupid human drama you almost forget it has zombies in it. Its all a matter of personal preference, but I can't think of many "critically acclaimed" shows that were particularly good off the top of my head.

I did just look up those two shows on wikipedia. House of Cards is a political drama (oh, boy, that sounds exciting ) and I can't even figure out what the second show is about (a prison show, maybe? Wikipedia isn't very clear, except that it sounds fairly stupid). I'm sure people like them, but they're not giving me any faith in netflix shows. Now I'm just hoping Daredevil doesn't become a superhero Law & Order, since it seems like Netflix's biggest shows are things that could easily be on right before CSI on TV and make huge numbers from people who like those kind of shows. They sound like things that would make me rather watch The Walking Soap Opera, and I can't say enough how stupid that show is. Of course, people's taste in tV shows is highly subjective, but using those two shows as examples of netflix programming is not exactly filling me with hope for Marvel's stuff.

Also, having the political drama on DVD doesn't really mean much. Even if netflix allows Marvel to do it, Disney/Marvel were still stupid enough to put shows on netflix, and people like that seem to hate physical media.

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I read that article. It does outright say thats its a marketing scheme for netflix to try to get more people to use them, which is a way to screw over the people who can't, like me.
I'm curious. Why can't you use Netflix? Are you in an area that does not yet service broadband or does Netflix have coverage limitations that I am unaware of?
No one in my family has credit cards or paypal, so no paying for anything like netflix. Even if we had any way of paying for it, it wouldn't be worth getting netflix just for our computer, since all four of us share it and watching movies/TV would just be a hassle, and we have no way of seeing it on a tv, obviously (well, maybe the PS3, but thats not a family thing, its mine and my brothers and isn't in the main room). So, there is really no way my family will ever have netflix.
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