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Re: NEMESIS: the good, and not so bad.

A good director would have at least demanded rewrites. A director doesn't have to settle with what he has. I don't blame Logan so much because he was working with a director that shouldn't direct and a producer who doesn't know how to write. I'm sure had Frakes directed and Berman was less insistent in being involved on the development of the script (along with the demands by Stewart and Spiner), that Logan might have turned out something better. SKYFALL is a good example of when a writer like Logan is paired with a competent director and producers (though I'm sure trevanian will greatly disagree with me on that). I remember first hearing the news of Logan writing SKYFALL that I took it as bad news, mainly because I only knew of him through NEMESIS. Then came the second shock, that SKYFALL was actually good, which made me reevaluate what the hell happened with NEMESIS.
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