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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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Like I said, Disney can put the shows on any channel it owns, so that's not a problem for them.
Yes, they could put any show they own on any network they own, but then, they'd be stuck footing the entire bill for the show, rather than have someone paying most of the cost.
Here's how television works-the network pays a license fee to the studio (even if that studio is a corporate sibling), that covers upwards of 60% of the show's budget. The studio then covers the rest. The network, pay tv channel, and now streaming service, (hopefully) gets it's money back selling advertisements for the ad supported networks, and monthly subscription fees for the pay tv services. The studio gets it's money back by selling the show beyond the originating network/pay tv distributor, such as foreign networks, VOD, and of course dvd/blu ray. If you recall, Stargate SG-1 seasons started on Showtime, and then MGM sold the episodes in syndication a year after they debuted on the pay channel.
There really is no reason for your concern that this project will be limited to Netflix subscribers only. I already pointed out how Sony is releasing House of Cards on disc this month. It will be exploited beyond their pay tv audience. As with SG-1, the pay tv subscribers will simply get it first exclusively.

Here's an article I read tonight and thought it might be helpful to you.
I didn't know about SG-1 until earlier this year. I had always thought it debuted on SciFi Channel. It being on Showtime first definitely explained the idiotic nudity in the pilot, though

I read that article. It does outright say thats its a marketing scheme for netflix to try to get more people to use them, which is a way to screw over the people who can't, like me. As for the "freedom", who cares? I don't want shows that act like HBO shows. I don't want nudity or anything like it in my Marvel shows, and there is no need for super violence (well, maybe for Punisher, but thats different). Cursing I'm neutral about, but its not worth making the shows netflix exclusive to have Daredevil use the f-word. Dont get me wrong, I've always known what netflix will get out of this, and I figured Disney must be saving money somehow by not making real tv shows. If netflix is helping to finance them, I'm sure it has a big say in whether the show is ever released on DVD, and they would want to go out of their way to not allow that. If they never get a DVD release, I won't be surprised.

This is assuming they're any good and that a DVD release would be a good thing. I can't imagine a netflix tv show being anything than poorly done garbage. If its not on TV, it really doesn't matter. We'll probably get four neutered shows that just use the names. If Daredevil or Iron Fist are allowed to wear anything approaching costumes, I'll be shocked. Besides, if even Joss Whedon can't do anything more than a very average Marvel show, I doubt netflix can turn out anything worthwhile. I just hope this experiment fails quickly, so they can get back to more traditional stuff. I'd honestly rather have failure than good shows anyway, because I sure as hell don't want this to become popular, screwing over people by putting shows on netflix. Put out some episodes, fail miserably, then make a Daredevil movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that completely ignores the netflix experiment is probably the best case scenario. I'd also love a heroes for hire movie, with Cage, Iron Fist and Jones, but I doubt it will happen (although I'd take nothing over netflix).
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