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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hello, everyone - and no, I am not Jonathan Frakes. Nor have I ever met him. I am, however, an Artisan, a devout Roman Catholic, a Romantic at heart, and a fan of the best damn STAR TREK series ever made: The Next Generation.

Despite the coup de grâce that is NEMESIS, I am also a huge fan of the TNG movies. INSURRECTION is given a lot of flak by the fanbase, it seems, but I find it to be entertaining popcorn fare. Frakes certainly did not let the cast down in the STAR TREK movies he's directed - they look great and are entertaining to watch. And Frakes delivered one of the biggest blockbusters the entire franchise has ever known, until the reboot came along: FIRST CONTACT! So, in tribute to a fine director, solid actor and surprisingly relatable STAR TREK personality, I have taken on his real life knickname, in posting with you good people. I enjoy all of the series to varying degrees, but The Next Generation is Gene Roddenberry's pièce de résistance - and my personal favourite!
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