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Another question is also whether a word fits into this or that grouping, to make it intuitive.
As long as I know, this is almost impossible. Past attempts to make a classification have resulted on different systems. If you look into a thesaurus, you'll find a classification right in it. Now, I wonder how similar (or different) are such attempts to classify meaning.

The point is, I don't think intuitive classification is possible. Maybe the European culture may find something intuitive but the chinese may wonder why it was classified in such a way. I have to stress *Maybe*. I'm no expert on this, but what I have read on the topic of International Auxiliary Languages makes me think so.

Also, somewhat practical priorities for travelers...
I was thinking that this kind of system would be more useful for travellers.

... (which kind of makes me feel that "book" may be more relevant than say, "virgin" - but would not necessarily go in that category, as I don't have to tell you).
How would you say things like "book a flight" or "book a hotel room" or "book a reservation"? You know, this is an entirely different meaning than "book" as a reading thing.
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