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Re: Angst-Ridden Dating Rant #17

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I listened to some people, many of them saying similar things to what you said. The difference was, they were less hostile.
Hostile? Dude, you are the very definition of passive aggressive. That, combined with your ego and the way you project your insecurities on others and this dating situation of yours, and all your "I already know this" and "I already acknowledged that" and "I wasn't really hating on the guy I was just being humorous" and "Experience is meaningless"....that's your real problem. Smokescreens. Pseudo-intellectual doubletalk. It's all one big excuse.

Friendly advice was met with derision, dismissiveness, and hostility. Not just me, but others. So I called you on your ego. Hostile? It was my attempt to get you to see that YOU are creating most of these problems in your social life YOURSELF with your behavior and the WAY you interact with people.

Hesitation is the least of your problems. If you start to change yourself and how you interact, and stop thinking that everything and everyone is a threat, or full of shit if they present an idea contrary to yours, then you might find some more success in your social endeavors.

People have been where you are. Stop acting so angsty.

And no, this is not me being "hostile" because you aren't listening to my "sage" advice. This is me calling you on your own bullshit so you can start doing something about it. Not threatening. Not attacking. Just telling you from experience.

Unless you think it's meaningless. In which case....ah well. You'll figure it out eventually.
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