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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Aldebaran whiskey. It's green!
B is for Betelgeusian skin. It's blue-ish!
C is for Cardassian Canar. It's gross and syrupy.
D is for Denobulan smiles. They're stretchy!
E is for Emergency Medical Hologram.
F is for Finnegan's dirty practical jokes. They're naughty!
G is for Gamma Trianguli VI.
H is for Hasperat, a Bajoran burrito with a really spicy kick.
I is for Iridium patches. Apparently Klingon security do not notice them.
J is for Jack Crusher. Husband of Beverly, father of Wesley and close friend of Jean-Luc Picard.
K is for the Karidian Company of Players. Go to one of their shows, and it could be curtains for you....
L is for Lawrence Marvick, one of the original engineers who designed the Constitution-class starship and the original Enterprise around 2240.
M is for Miranda Jones. She was blind to a lot of things.
N is for the Nyberrite Alliance, a spacefaring civilization of the late 24th century. According to Worf, they were always looking for good officers for their ships.
O is for the Ocampa. Not very good at long-term relationships.
P is for Phlox of Denobula, chief medical officer aboard the first Starfleet vessel to bear the name Enterprise.
Q is for Quantum torpedoes.
R is for redshirt. The Starfleet mark of doom. Unless you're Scotty or Uhura.
S is for Starboard nacelle.
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