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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

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I really think that the suggestions are decoys. I think that something happened to Coulson that is "out of the ordinary" but that he's not an artificial lifeform. (In fact, I see no reason the original Torch can't appear in an episode as long as his name is not used.) I think that there is something else--perhaps he is immortal, for example.
Oh no, not bloody Torchwood again. They even plaster the organization's name over its black SUV -- but at least no Christmas-tree lights. If Coulson is Captain Jack Harkness, how do the other characters map? May = Ianto? Skye = Gwen?

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She turns 50 in 11 days.
It's interesting that she came across as a mature, rather plain professional woman as Senator Wen on Eureka, but put her in leathers and an "I'll kill you for breathing wrong" expression, and she's hot as hell.
To me, she'll always be Mulan.
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