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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

So I spent all yesterday in bed feeling sorry for myself with cold/flu. And watched quite a lot of Voyager too.

Nice episode, liked the clandestine approach to taking over a spaceship. These guys are some pretty insidious aliens.

Worst Case Scenario - Awesome episode. I absolutely loved this alternate take on the two crews. The fact everyone's moved on so much that it's now seen as a holonovel instead of what Tuvok originally intended it for. Plus it's a holodeck episode that isn't a malfunction, but something that's actually programmed to happen by a striking from the grave Seska. Genius. Also, and I'm not sure I've said this before, but I love Tuvok/Paris interplay.

Hellooo Seven of Nine. Well maybe not just yet. She's still full-on Borg here, but Jeri Ryan's hips still certainly sway. IF anything that might be might minor complaint. She does a great job as an ex-Borg trying to assimilate back to being human, but as a full Borg she has a bit too much feminine grace to her movements. All said, Scorpion is great, but not quite as epic as I remember it.

The Gift - Seven doesn't want to be human. This is some really good stuff here, she really does come across as a little girl who has lost the only thing she knows. I'm not sure about Janeway's answer to "what if I get my independance back and want to go back?"
Meanwhile Kes is becoming a God. So much of this episode reminded me of when she had her powers amped by the other Ocampa. The scenes between Janeway and Kes were great, and I wonder how close to Lien leaving they were filmed, because they both felt incredibly genuine.
We also have our first shortcut. Ten years off, pretty nice.
I also really liked that the Borg upgrades were still here. It's almost Scorpion part 3. Voyager can do continuity when it wants!

Day of Honour
And now they've gone. Well at least all the problems in Engineering feel like a logical progression of what happened previously. And Vorik's back! Finally B'elanna and Tom are together, that feels like it's been going on forever. Though it works quite well. But why in God's name does B'elanna's space suit have boobs? What if two members of the same sex were on board. Bloody stupid design.
The interstellar beggars were nice, and I liked the final "Give the man a fishing rod and he'll eat for the rest of his life" solution. Though I think I'd have been on Chakotay's side of "We've got better weapons".

Oh dear. Why did I have to watch one more episode. I was hoping for some Tom/B'elanna stuff now they're together. Instead I get Full Metal Starfleet.
And why is Chakotay giving holier than thou peace speeches. Sure he's grown in the last three years, but he was freedom fighter before that, he might not agree with them, but he should understand them. Especially as they're in the middle of war. That whole bit just didn't sit right.
Also yet another shuttlecraft. That's three in three episodes. We're really starting to go through them now.
The ending was a nice twist to what I was expecting though. Oh, and I nearly made a Predator joke instead of Full Metal Jacket, which would have worked with the look of the aliens.
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