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Re: Star Wars Episode VII Discussion, News, Interviews (12/18/2015)

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Some histrionic moron on one of the sites reporting the Episode VII news posted something along the lines of "this why I want George Lucas to die. Star Wars movies come out in May and are for summer, not Christmas!"

I've expressed my own share of frustration with George Lucas and his creative and directorial choices in recent years and the man's light-years from perfect, but when you claim to be a fan and want him TO DIE because of things like a Disney- and Kathleen Kennedy-directed release date that likely had very little if nothing to do with George, then you are an embarassment to the fanbase and an example of why human beings need to maintain at least some basic touch with reality and common sense when it comes to being a sci-fi/fantasy fan.

If going to see a movie seven months later than you wanted to (and after an entire 10-year wait since the last film in the series) makes you wish death on a man who no longer wields the control over his creation that he once did, then you need to buy a first-class ticket out of Dicksville and stop taking a fictional universe that seriously.
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