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Re: New Ms. Marvel

I would have dated it to the 70s because of Ms.Magazine.

Which is a question of relevance more so than date of origin, because I remember a character used Ms. in Grease II which was set in the 50s.

Oh my.

My brain works so slowly.

Inhuman society is more so strictly about arranged marriages than modern Muslims (My flatmate who I live with and her husband explained it as a series(literally, not a metaphor) of exclusive password locked chatrooms on an internet site, where the men and women are each given about 10 or so preapproved choices to pick from and then they figure out who they get along with best. She wasn't allowed to meet him in person for a year because they both had to prove that they were a good match before tens of thousands of dollars was spent on the wedding (it's a 3 day event. Soooo much food.). Of course this happened because they were both too socially awkward to find a partner in the western fashion, shy very shy, and their 30th birthdays were approaching, which no one was telling them that they were not allowed to do.) so after Kamala has spent her childhood trying to assert her rights as a modern woman to make her own choices, or agreed to a traditional application of her families needs to find a "suitable" parter, fricking space men from the moon are going to come down and supersede whatever marriage track she was on up to that point, even if there was none, the Attillian fricking Genetic Council are going to insist who it is that she is going to have children with and will probably get quite dramatic if she has an opposing view point on her own life contra to their own.

I'm getting ahead of myself, this is probably going to be in the third annual.
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