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ummm.... yes? Do you have any idea what that term was all about?
Pretty much. It was revolutionary. In the 50s. How about you join us in the new century?
The '50s, huh? Your ignorance is worse than stunning. It's terrifying. If you're going to shit all over the very basis of the character, at least know what you're shitting on. There was a world before you were born, and you should learn why things are the way they are if you are to have an informed opinion. However, as you prefer to have uninformed opinions, I shall leave you to them.
And how much do you know about Muslim-American women in 21st Century America? Or the people and intent behind the new Ms Marvel character?


Wiki article wrote:
The term was again suggested as a convenience to writers of business letters by such publications as the Bulletin of the American Business Writing Association (1951) and The Simplified Letter, issued by the National Office Management Association (1952).[9]
In 1961, Sheila Michaels attempted to put the term into use when she saw what she thought was a typographical error on the address label of a copy of News & Letters sent to her roommate.[10][11] Michaels "was looking for a title for a woman who did not 'belong' to a man."[12] She knew the separation of the now common terms Miss and Mrs. had derived from "Mistress", but one could not suggest that women use the original title with its now louche connotations. Her efforts to promote use of a new honorific were at first ignored.[13] Around 1971, in a lull during a WBAI-radio interview with The Feminists group, Michaels suggested the use of Ms. A friend of Gloria Steinem heard the interview and suggested it as a title for her new magazine. Ms. magazine's popularity finally allowed the term to enjoy widespread usage.[14] In February 1972, the US Government Printing Office approved using "Ms." in official government documents.[15]
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