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Well, a 337 word base omits much more language than it contains. Words like "reading" or "book" may be more relevant than some other word in the system, so it's worth considering. Thanks for the suggestion!

Another question is also whether a word fits into this or that grouping, to make it intuitive. Also, somewhat practical priorities for travelers (which kind of makes me feel that "book" may be more relevant than say, "virgin" - but would not necessarily go in that category, as I don't have to tell you).

Sevenquad's added exponent can cover many of these essential terms. My main concern for the foundational set is a starting point for communication at every level of the Maslowian hierarchy.

In case of needing an intuitive leap like your example, "book," or some other omission, I think it would be helpful to provide more context.

311 44 365 531 411 116.
121-566 65.
312 43 264 251?

"I desire buy traditional information-education tool. See-write thing. You know store near?"

Another limitation of course is getting proper names for people, book titles, etc. Things that take alphabets.
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