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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Wow, Bob, great find. Interesting that the botanical garden was almost a bar. It's a shame the set they used didn't match those big windows exactly.

So, I'd really like everyone's input at this point on the two Excelsior sizes. While I feel that the larger size makes more sense, it's also quite possible to make the smaller version work with the window alignments, with a minor degree of fudgery in regard to the saucer window arrangements, as thee secondary hull can actually have the same deck arrangement between the two sizes by simply and arbitrarily swapping 12 feet decks for 9 feet decks.

At this point, I really need your help deciding which I should consider right.

Check out the 622 meter version:

...and compare it to the 467 meter version:

Please note that the deck arrangement in my 467 meter version is slightly different from before, as I've moved the saucer rim back to a full two decks thick arrangement. The heights in relation to the deck feel a little weird to me, but if I'm already suspending disbelief for the bridge I don't consider it a dealbreaker.

Compare the green lines of the decks to the locations of the windows, from Gus's Excelsior drawing. (I negatized it to make it a little easier to see on my black background.) Please also note that my study of photographs has found that the windows on the plateau under the bridge on his drawing are a bit too high for some reason.

Further, have a look at the large and small Excelsior next to the official sized Enterprise refit.

So, please help me decide here guys. What do you think? Which size do you consider more correct?
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