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The actual change is that in the 40's when they died, the Waynes were millionaires, in the 90s they were billionaires, and it's not going to be soon from now if not yesterday that Thomas and Martha Wayne were trillionaires when they bought the farm.

It's just a question of if "Batman" Squandered the fortune more than Lucius Fox grew the families wealth.

Just something to remember: Alfred was Bruce's Legal Guardian, which means that he might have been in charge of the Wayne Fortune till Bruce turned 18 or 21 depending on how the trust was written.

If the Waynes were only Millionaires when they died in present day, the family business was most likely a chain of laundry mats or something else equally as middle class.
Uncle Philip ran things.
Or Batsy finds out his folks laundromats were a front for the mob.
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