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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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All of the stuff that Netflix has released so far has had a budget as least as big, if not bigger, than the average network show. These are shows that they chose to release this way, not shows that they couldn't show on TV. Netflix pretty much approaches they're stuff from an HBO/Showtime/Starz perspective. They're made exactly like they make every other TV show, it's just that Netflix is the network instead of one of the regular TV networks.
That's even more confusing. If they have a similar budget to TV shows, the only way it makes sense is for shows networks don't want. Like I said, Disney can put the shows on any channel it owns, so that's not a problem for them. Regardless, the reasons don't really matter. Maybe there is just an idiot in charge who thinks using netflix will be cheaper for them in some way. I'd love to see actual tv shows based off these characters, but if they want to screw over people without netflix, there isn't anything I can do. Maybe the planets will align and someone higher up than the moron who decided to use netflix will make them put the shows on DVD. I think its unlikely, but there's always hope, I guess. Assuming the shows are good. Maybe they're a pet project of some idiot with power/influence, and they're going to netflix because Disney doesn't want to waste TV time with them. It would explain the baffling decision to waste their properties by making them netflix shows. I guess people with netflix will see when these online exclusive shows air.
It has nothing to do with not being able to get them on TV, they're being made specifically for Netflix. Marvel is just trying to take part in the new streaming/on-demand craze. I think it might also be related to a deal that Disney made with Netflix either this or last year.
Netflix is really popular, and a lot of people really liked the other origninal programs, so it makes sense that companies like Marvel would want to get in on that.
Netflix isn't someplace where they are throwing stuff that people get on TV. It's making high quality programs on par with premium cable channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz. House of Cards nominated for 9 Emmys, including Best Lead Actor (Kevin Spacey), Best Lead Actress (Robin Wright), Best Drama, and Best Directing (David Fincher).
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