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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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HEADS UP: For us US subscribers, the Official Site has unlocked Digital Magazine Issues up to Issue #5 Romulan Warbird.
Thanks Johnny!!
Yeah, I was reading thru them earlier today. Interesting section on the NX-01.5 Refit. Shame that ENT never got a Season 5. Apparently the plan was to constantly upgrade the ship through-out the series, being that it was the experimental maiden ship and would need constant upgrading as it encountered new and more dangerous threats. Some of the initial designs for the NX-01 included a secondary hull. Wished they would have gone with that to begin with. Probably would have helped with the ratings.
IMO they screwed up. By the time NX-02 came out, they should have names the class and stopped with the "NX" thing.

The "Archer" class would have been sufficient.
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