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Re: Arrow - Season 2

So, I can't think Sarah is only an average BC, because if I do it can only because of a bias against change from what the comic did? I liked Birds of Prey. A lot of that show was extremely far from the comics (even if Barbarta Gordon was done fairly close). I don't dislike Sarah or her role, I'd just prefer a more normal version of BC. Not because stuff has to match the comics, but because they haven't given me something that I think matches how interesting the comic version is. Of course, I do prefer the comics version a lot of the time, and I think the real BC would be more interesting that what we've got. But, they could make a different version that I could like a lot, they just haven't done it with Sarah's character. She's very, very ok. I think something more like the comics would be awesome, but I think they could have gone a different direction and still create an awesome character/storyline, they just haven't with the BC they have.
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