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Right, because it's not like the (Black) Canary isn't a major part of the Green Arrow mythos, who deserves to play a major role in a show focused on Green Arrow.
Black Canary, Dinah Laurel Lance, the superhero trained by Wildcat and who took up her mothers superhero name, is a big part of the GA myhtos. Canary, Sarah Lance, the self admitted irresponsible woman who ends up becoming Black Canary as a result of becoming an assassin and spending several years murdering people? Not really part of the mythos.

Dinah in the Birds of Prey TV show was more like Black Canary than Sarah is. Sure, she had weird psychic powers, but she was a second generation hero, the daughter of that universe's original BC. She also was trying to be a hero and didn't kill people. While Arrow is a better TV show than BoP (although honestly I think that show is pretty good, even if it has some big flaws and is a bit to different for its own good), the Dinah from that version fits as BC more than sarah ever could. I need more than a name/somewhat similar powers to count someone as actually playing a pre exsisting character. Helena in Birds of Prey? Not playing any version of Huntress (Earth 2 or Post COIE) by any stretch of the imagination, even if she had the same name and shared some of the backstory with the E2 version. Ollie on Arrow? He feels like a version of Green Arrow. A kind of elseworlds version, sure, but I have no trouble believing that a GA like him could have exsisted back when DC comics was awesome. Sarah is like Helena, although honmestly with even less to connect her with any version of BC than Helena did with atleast one version of Huntress.

So, to me, sarah Lance is not a part of the Ga mythos. She's a somewhat interesting 2-3 episode subplot, but nothing to make a focus of the season, atleast not by herself. If it leads to an Ollie/Ra's confrontation, then I'd be more supportive. As it is, I'd be fine just seeing Sarah a few more times this season, but for the season in general moving on to different things.
THey said before the season started that The Canary would be a big part of Laurel's arc on the show, so at this point I'm assuming Laurel will find out and either due to Sarah's death or some other even Laurel will end up taking over The Canary identity. If we want to see that happen then that means we need to bring Sarah back.
You really can't expect everything in the show to be exactly like the comic books, and just because something is different than the comic books doesn't automatically make it bad. The show is based on the comic books, not a direct translation of them. If you want a direct translation there are motion comics for that.
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