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Ace, you don't know me, so back the fuck up.
I know you, well, enough. Ace.

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I DO object to superficially having her be Muslim without at all broaching all that entails
What does it entail? She believes in god and calls it Allah. Big deal.

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Randomly deciding a character is now gay, or black, or handicapped is not groundbreaking. How about dipping a little bit into what that identity actually means?
It doesn't need to mean anything. It can mean something, but it needn't to. People are randomly gay, black, handicapped, or god-forbid Muslim. They are not some kind of issues-oriented Other. Just, you know, people. It's not like they a reason not to conform to 50s' white American eteronormative standards, right? Or they do?

Feminist title "Ms"? Dude.
ummm.... yes? Do you have any idea what that term was all about?
Pretty much. It was revolutionary. In the 50s. How about you join us in the new century?
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