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In fact, I'll say that people like Beaker are one of the most prominent reasons groundbreaking characters have such difficult publishing histories.
Ace, you don't know me, so back the fuck up. There is nothing "groundbreaking" about a Muslim character. I DO object to superficially having her be Muslim without at all broaching all that entails, yes, which is something you should have gleaned from my original post. I'm all for groundbreaking. Randomly deciding a character is now gay, or black, or handicapped is not groundbreaking. How about dipping a little bit into what that identity actually means?

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Feminist title "Ms"? Dude.
ummm.... yes? Do you have any idea what that term was all about? Just WHY the very concept of "Ms." Marvel was so revolutionary at the time?
"shall not be infringed" is naturally open to infringements of all kinds, because shut up and think of the children.
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