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Star Trek 3 trailer in Star Wars Episode 7 (2015) [Speculation]

Apparently Star Wars 7 is coming out in December 2015. who else thinks the trailer for star trek 3 will be one of the trailers that episode 7 will have attached to it?

If star trek 3 is coming out in the summer of 2016. I hope the trailer is tied to episode 7. I am almost convince it will happen. Abram's is still a producer for Trek 3 so what better way to promote the film.

Star Trek and Star Wars are so linked now. Trekweb is even giving us star wars news daily.

I have always enjoyed both sagas, although I find a lot of the male Star Wars fans very irritating and not so bright .

I never understood the rivialy. if they have the same producer now, they may as well feed off each other.
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