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Re: THOR: THE DARK WORLD - Grading & Discussion

Great movie! I really liked it. There was balanced story telling and good use of all the characters, including secondary ones like Heimdall, Freija, Dr. Selvig and D'Arcy. Even Jane had a much more important and bigger role as an unlikely vessel of the Aether.

I loved Tom Hiddleston who owned his character Loki, whom I felt was such a scene stealer. The god of mischief was the one everyone loved to hate, but I almost felt sorry for his "death."

Hemsworth looked more buff than ever. Oh my! I wish there were more shirtless scenes of him. And Thor has shown more maturity after two movies. He has really developed into a noble character less the cockiness in the original movie.

I gushed seeing Captain America's cameo. That was pretty clever. And I liked the extra scene following the credits. "One down, seven more to go. "

I give it a solid A.
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