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Re: Gravity - Review and Discussion Thread

There is that third man second man syndrome, where climbers swear there is someone else helping them...

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(I think LIFE OF PI is probably an example of that.)

LIFE OF PI is the true heir to 2001 in terms of it being a movie you let wash over you. Samurai Jack with minimal dialog.

BTW Baldwin did a great interview this time last week:

I don't think we would have a Space 1999/2001 level moonbase had the Saturns been kept--but we would have something like out of Joe 90 or MOON ZERO TWO by now.

While Gravity replaces 2001 in hardness--I think it was a missed opportunity. I might have made her old space, and George new space--and had a depot accident from an unregulated private space outfit be the cause of the disaster, hitting a Mars ship during a Costa Concordia flyby of ISS.

There is your cluster of debris right there. No Comsats--they are too far above to be a threat.

On screen--the volume of debris is what you might expect of Enterprise blowing up over the Genesis planet.
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